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Wordle is a game of guessing hidden words (from 4 to 11 letters) within six tries. It's one of the most popular word-guessing games in 2022.

This game challenges the player's vocabulary and intelligence.

Rules of Wordle Game

The game's main objective is to guess the hidden word in six attempts. To play the game, you just need to type any meaningful word with 4 to 11 letters in each line. The letters will then be highlighted in one of three colors depending on the word you typed in.

You get six chances to guess a five-letter word. For each guess, you get a response in the form of a colored tile if the letters match or are in the right place.

Gray: The letter is not in the hidden word at all.

Yellow: The letter is in the hidden word but in the wrong place.

Green: The letter is in the hidden word and in the correct position.

When you guess the hidden word correctly, you win the game. If you fail to guess the hidden word within six attempts, the game is over.

How to play the Wordle game?

First, you need to type any meaningful word (depending on the game mode you choose, you need to enter a word with 4 to 11 letters) to find the hidden word. You have 6 chances to guess the right word.

Next, look at the color of the word you just entered!

If any letter is yellow, this means that the letter is in the hidden word, but does not match the exact position in the word. If a certain letter is green, it means that letter is in that word and in the correct position. If any letter is gray, then it is not in the hidden word at all.

Finally, let's guess the hidden word!

If you already know that some words are in the correct position and some are in yellow, then maybe you will win with your deduction.

At the beginning of the game, you can use a word that contains no repeating letters and as many vowels as possible. By this way, you can maximize your chances of winning and reduce the number of letters left.

If the game is becoming too easy for you, just go to Settings to turn on Hard mode, and give it a try!

What's the best Wordle starting word?

As we mentioned above, the best approach to the first Wordle word is choosing a word with at least two different vowels and a few consonants, such as radio, or crane.

Wordle is a game for all ages. It's also a great game for children to develop vocabulary, memory, and logical thinking skills.

The Wordle game allows anyone to build an interactive image of their favorite words, phrases, or sentences in a matter of minutes. It's a simple but entertaining approach to investigating the meaning of words, what they reveal about you, and what they might reveal about your future. This game has been widely discussed on social media, and enjoyed by a large number of players all around the world. 

Start playing the Wordle game today for unlimited time! It's free. No download or registration is required.

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